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     These are the products that the farm produces. The prices indicate whole fish and farm pick up. We do not ship fish at this time. Actual prices will vary depending on the species, time of year, how long the fish has been at the farm and point of sale. Processing of a fish is at the request of the buyer after the purchase of the whole fish. Processing is an additional charge. We do not market frozen, processed fish.
Rainbow Trout We grow both Rainbow and Golden Trout. Trout are purchased from a private Virginia Trout Farm throughout the year. Trout is by far the most popular fish we grow and sell. We occasionally provide private stocking services, please call for pricing as the size, location and time of year factor into stocking prices. Our average harvest size is 1.2 pounds. $4.35 per pound
HSB The Hybrid Striped Bass are purchased as fingerlings during the summer of each year from a hatchery in North Carolina. Our average harvest size is 1.3 pounds which yields a nice plate size fish. Stripers are generally available year-round. $4.50 per pound
Tilapia We have two strands of Tilapia at the farm, a Blue variety and a Red variety. Our starter stock was a mix of blue and red, therefore we do not have pure strains of either species. Tilapia is the only fish on the farm that we self produce. We offer Tilapia as a direct sale food source and stocking of private systems. We have Tilapia available year round in a variety of sizes. Our average harvest size for Tilapia is 1.5 pounds. Note: if you are purchasing Tilapia for stocking purposes in Virginia you must have a current Hold Permit from VDGIF prior to the sale. $4.50 per pound
Channel Catfish We buy the catfish fingerlings a few times a year. Our average harvest size is 1.3 pounds per fish. $4.40 per pound
Black Seabass Black Seabass is the gem of our farm. We have tried for many years to find a way to produce our own Seabass, but have not been successful. Therefore, we have limited supply and availability throughout the year. Our average harvest size is 1.25 pounds per fish. $7.50 per pound
We have other products and services available upon request. Here are a few.
  1. Fish manure
  2. Liquid fish fertilizer
  3. Recirculating system design and support