About the products

At Graham Bass Fish Farm we strive to grow fish as humanly and environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve these goals, we provide each species with proper fish densities, feed and tank designs. All of these efforts help to keep the stress low which enables healthy growth and a better tasting product for you.

How we sell – Our fish are sold whole and presented on ice. We do not freeze our fish for later sales. Therefore, what you get is same day fresh, typically a few hours out of the water.  This translates into some of the best, freshest fish you will ever have out side of catching and eating your own. 

Where to get our fish – We sell locally at various Farmers Markets during the market season which runs from the first of April through mid November. We participate in online markets supported by Bedford Farmers Market and the Floyd coop.  We provide fresh Trout to the Depot Grille Lynchburg, VA.  We have developed a CSA of sorts in the Roanoke,VA area where we deliver on the second Fridays of each month. Lastly, you can make an appointment and pick up your fish at the farm.

How to Order - You can place an order with us by calling, sending a text, sending an email or messaging us on Facebook.

Purchase at local farm markets

Purchase at local farm markets