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Graham Bass Fish Farm, LLC

Bedford, Virginia  540-986-5621

      Graham Bass Fish Farm is a privately owned family farm located in the Town of Bedford, Virginia, on an 8 acre lot.  We grow Rainbow and Goldent Trout, Hybrid-striped Bass, Tilapia, Channel Catfish and Black Seabass. The farm uses re-cirulating tank technology which allows us to control the water quality and therefore the quality of the fish at harvest.

  My roots go back to the early 90s where I was challenged to grow Black Seabass inland. Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems were the only way to grow a marine fish away from the coast. After many years of experimenting with designs, learning how to grow seabass and a few rotations with the Marine Corps it looked like life may settle some and I could pursue my dream. Finally, in January of 2007, renovations and additions were started on an old barn located on the property.  By 2009, the first Black Seabass fingerlings arrived and the farm was growing fish. 

  To be a successful Black Seabass farm, the farm needed to be able to self produce stock as there are no commercial hatcheries for Black Seabass. I spent some years trying to spawn the Seabass but with no success. Therefore, in 2010, I decided to add other established fish to keep the farm running as I continued to work with the Seabass. The first fish was Tilapia, followed by Hybrid Striped Bass and then Rainbow and Golden Trout.  In March of 2013, Channel Catfish was added to the line up.

     Browse the site and click our facebook page to see what is going on with the farm and the Farm to Table revolution. Thank you for your visit.